Tumblr lost 2fa

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Backup and Sync. Software SMS Phone. Software SMS. Software SMS Email. Software Email. Hardware Software. SMS Email. SMS Phone Email.

SMS Phone. Hardware Software SMS. Hardware SMS. Hardware SMS Phone. Cloud Computing. Only the control panel supports 2FA the main client area does not. While both the main client area and the shared hosting panel support 2FA, each system is separate and requires its own setup.

U2F Software.

Google 2 Factor Authentication Lost Phone, WHAT TO DO?!

Must be associated with a Microsoft Account. U2F authentication only available on Edge browser. In Progress!

Hardware U2F Software. A mobile phone number is required to reset two-factor authentication. If hardware 2FA enabled, customer support by phone requires enabling back-up method.

Hardware Software Phone. Illinois Tech uses Google Apps for Eductation for their email; so they could very easily add tfa to their email, but at the time of this commit, they have it disabled and do not plan to implement it any time soon. U2F Software Phone. Available in Zimbra Collaboration 8. YubiKey registration works only on the new version of Zoho Accounts. Only one 1 YubiKey may be registered at a time. Tell them to support 2FA on Twitter on Facebook. Tell them to support 2FA on Twitter.

Tell them to support 2FA on Facebook. Tell them to support 2FA on Facebook via Email.If you lose access to your two-factor authentication credentials, you can use your recovery codes, or another recovery option, to regain access to your account. Warning : For security reasons, GitHub Support may not be able to restore access to accounts with two-factor authentication enabled if you lose your two-factor authentication credentials or lose access to your account recovery methods.

Use one of your recovery codes to automatically regain entry into your account. You may have saved your recovery codes to a password manager or your computer's downloads folder. The default filename for recovery codes is github-recovery-codes. For more information about recovery codes, see " Configuring two-factor authentication recovery methods. If you lose access to your primary TOTP app or phone number, you can provide a two-factor authentication code sent to your fallback number to automatically regain access to your account.

If you configured two-factor authentication using a security key, you can use your security key as a secondary authentication method to automatically regain access to your account. For more information, see " Configuring two-factor authentication.

tumblr lost 2fa

If you lose access to the two-factor authentication credentials and don't have your two-factor authentication recovery codes, you can have a one-time password sent to your verified email address to begin the verification process and regain access to your account. Note : For security reasons, regaining access to your account by authenticating with a one-time password can take business days.

Additional requests submitted during this time will not be reviewed. You can use your two-factor authentication credentials or two-factor authentication recovery codes to regain access to your account anytime during the day waiting period.

If you lose access to the two-factor authentication methods for your GitHub account, you can retrieve your account recovery token from a partner recovery provider and ask GitHub Support to review it. If you don't have access to your two-factor authentication methods or recovery codes and you've stored an account recovery token with Facebook using Recover Accounts Elsewhere, you may be able to use your token to regain access to your account.

If you're unable to regain access to your account, generate a one-time password to regain access. For more information, see " Authenticating with a verified device, SSH token, or personal access token.

tumblr lost 2fa

GitHub Help. Getting started with GitHub. Setting up and managing your GitHub user account. Setting up and managing your GitHub profile. Authenticating to GitHub. Managing subscriptions and notifications on GitHub. Receiving notifications about activity on GitHub. Setting up and managing organizations and teams. Setting up and managing your enterprise account. Setting up and managing billing and payments on GitHub.

Writing on GitHub. Creating, cloning, and archiving repositories.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Two-factor authentication secures your accounts with code in addition to your password.

But what happens if you lose or reset your phone? These codes will allow you to regain access to your account if you ever lose your two-factor authentication method in the future. Keep them in a secure location. If you run out of codes, be sure to generate some more.

Recovering your account if you lose your 2FA credentials

You can print backup codes for your Google account from the two-step verification settings page. Authy allows you to sync your two-factor tokens between your devices. When you get a new phone, you can easily move your data to it. Or, you could share the data between a phone and tablet.

Despite these sync features, Authy is still secure, as long as you use it properly. You can also enable or disable the multi-device sync feature, so you could just toggle that on whenever you want to add a new device and disable it afterwards.

But that backup feature could help get you out if trouble if you ever lose access to your tokens, too. This requires root access. Many websites where you use two-step authentication also allow you to provide a cell phone or landline number. Be sure to check the phone number you have linked to your accounts. Even services that provide backup codes will allow you to link a phone number, ensuring there are plenty of different ways you can gain access to your locked account, if you ever need to.

Some services also allow you to remove two-factor authentication via a confirmation link or code emailed to a linked email address. Ensure any email addresses you have on file with your accounts are current.

If the service is linked to your main email account, this will be simple. But, if the service is your main email account, you might want to set up a separate backup email address for it—just in case. For example, you may be asked to confirm the answers to any security questions you previously set up, recite the birthday as it appears on your account, or confirm any other personal information the service has on file.

Always have a backup plan when using two-factor authentication. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

Windows Mac iPhone Android.Easy to download and often free or low-costmobile apps are an integral part of our daily lives — to play games, get turn-by-turn directions, access news, social networks, weather, and so on. But how are these apps paid for, and why is there no charge to use them? Each day, online accounts protected with just a password are vulnerable to threats of data breaches, account takeovers, phishing scams, and identity fraud.

tumblr lost 2fa

We also have a browser-agnostic desktop app with extra features, like account search and viewing options. And for more convenient, comprehensive protection, we suggest using a combination of Authy apps. In a nutshell, Authy is a product of Twilio, a company that makes it easy for businesses to communicate with individuals and vice versa by providing developers with access to complete software solutions.

Then when you attempt to log into their site, Authy 2FA can then be delivered to your smartphone in the form of a temporary one-time password TOTP. This unique code, which is only valid for about 30 seconds, must be re-entered into the website for you to gain access. Any 2FA is better than none at all.

Recovering your account if you lose your 2FA credentials

To find out if your favorite site offers two-factor authentication, check out Two Factor Auth. We hope that this post explains a little about how we keep the lights on at the best 2FA out there, without having to charge end-users a single penny. To get yours, click on the download button at the top of the page. Dates Authy News Product Security. About the author Authy Twitter LinkedIn.Fortunately I had still shell access to the NAS.

Now I was able to go to the webinterface of my Synology Diskstation and log myself in as usual. Hi, I did a reset on my phone. With your page I was able to login without the 2 step thingy. Now I can re-enable the 2 step again. Great work! Keep it up! That is exactly the problem I am having currently, accept I dont have shell installed.

Any idea how to dissable Google 2 way? Hi, You should be able to connect via ssh anyway, hence it is a Unix system in the background. Got locked out of DSM but had shell access, and this was exactly the solution I needed. Going to see if you have a tip jar or something I can throw a few bucks to.

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I've had a Tumblr account setup and running since about I've tried resetting the password via a link they send to my email in an attempt to side step the 2FA SMS, but this also requires me to enter a 2FA code. I'm essentially locked out of my account now, not through any fault of my own, but due to Tumblr not sending the 2FA codes.

The only way I still have access to the account is via some 3rd party integrations which automatically posts tweets from a linked twitter account which is done via IFTTT, but I can't actually get in to manage the account. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 2 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Any idea what can be done? Don't suppose you have any "backup codes" written down anywhere?!

Active Oldest Votes. The Overflow Blog. Podcast Programming tutorials can be a real drag. Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response…. Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap. Related 2. Hot Network Questions. Question feed.Two-factor authentication is an essential security measure that uses your phone to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. There are many ways to prevent this problem from happening, however.

For easy access, here are a few links to where you can change your two-factor settings if you already have it enabled for some common services or learn how to do so. The process differs from service to service, but the basic principle is the same. Simply activate your new phone and the codes will come to your phone number. Write down your backup codes. You can then set up a new authenticator, likely generate new backup codes, and be as secure as ever before. You should definitely print them or or write them down and keep them in a place where you can find them.

Ideally, they would be separate from your phone, perhaps in a fireproof box or safe with other important paper documents. For example, Google offers ten backup codes.

This means that even if someone finds your backup codes and uses them to access your account, it would be difficult for them to do so undetected. Just sync the new device and deauthorize the old one. Then, follow these steps to synchronize Authy to a second device:.

While some authentication methods require an app, nearly all at least offer the use of an SMS code as a backup option. The downside? Of course, an attacker will also need your password to do anything with a specific account, but text-based authentication remains a less-secure method than two-factor authentication, since that requires them to have physical access to your authenticator device in order to break into your accounts.

While you have several ways to prepare for the worst, stuff happens. Your phone fell down a well, you lost your sticky note with the backup codes, and today just happened to be the day your Google account asked you to re-verify. Bad luck. The bad news is, an account recovery process can often take several business days to fix, assuming the company can do it.

Other companies such as Discord will tell you that if the backup options fail, they will be unable to provide you with access to your account. However, in the event the worst happens, here are some links with information on how or if you can get access to your account back for various services:. The A. Shop Subscribe. Burning Questions. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Eric Ravenscraft. Filed to: two-factor authentication.

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